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Counseling & Therapy

I see psychotherapy as a collaborative process of exploration and learning. We learn about ingrained habits, and then we explore possible new ways of thinking and behaving. This can be challenging emotionally, sometimes upsetting, and ultimately rewarding. I believe that working with a trusted companion can only add to life’s richness.

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Our Mission Together

My goal is that you will have more behavioral and emotional options in life. I want you to experience more freedom to choose how you will react to situations. You don’t have to be stuck in the drama and knee-jerk reactions. You can observe and respond as you wish.

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getting to know you.

Am I right for you?

First of all, I work with people, not conditions. I believe that we are all affected more or less by the vicissitudes of daily living. Sometimes these affects are easily managed. Sometimes they leave a deep impression that can interfere with our perceptions and our ability to navigate in the world around us.  I work with adults, either briefly or long-term, who are at a point in their life when change is necessary.



Our Time Together

Wherever you are and whatever stage of life you are in, change is possible.


We will agree on the ultimate goal of our work together. Is there an immediate crisis? Are there long-standing ways of responding that interfere with your moving on? In the course of our work we will check in to see how we are progressing towards meeting the ultimate goal.


Together we will decide what the goal is for the therapy. Are you looking to strengthen the relationship? Are you looking to be able to separate in the least harmful way possible? If children are involved, do you have disagreements about parenting? If you are separating, how can you co-parent well?  Much of the work with couples involves learning how to listen to the other person and how to recognize our own ingrained habits that interfere with our ability to relate.


I believe that:

"I will keep learning as long as I live. I will keep on living so long as I keep on learning."



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Let's talk.

Psychotherapy is hard work. Exposing and then changing established patterns involves letting down long-held defenses and belief systems. You may find this frightening, frustrating, and upsetting. Progress tends to come in fits and starts, sometimes even seeming to move backwards. I will be with you every step along the new path you are determined to take.

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